Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Its hard to win the battle with your own self
only if I could tear open myself and show you so how it feels being under my skin
how it feels to be a split being
If I make it hard for you it is even harder for myself
It is harder to be what you never imagined to be
sometimes you are'nt as strong as you look like
sometimes you are as frail as nobody could ever think
sometimes you win all the battles with the world but lose the one with your own being
yes I accept I am a loser
I have let my selfish enemy residing in me...win


Tazeen said...

for a blog that is titled "think pink," it sure looks dark

Lunatic.... said...

lol actually was editing template the old one was all pink

T2 said...

that's a home run!

Lunatic.... said...

ya true!!

) (ate said...

....that was powerful...
Im dumbstruck by the power of overwhelming emotions. Im on the same boat as u too.
par listen aliza
we mite be losers in our own eyes, but the real deal is that, how u seem to be in the eyes of the people around you is what counts and is more important. Because it is they who morph you, more or less, into who u are. And when thats the case, liz beleive me ur anything but a loser! Ur a real winner! a gem...an irreplacable gem! :)
luv ya dudi

Rashi said...

I liked the last line...

wa.hardrocker said...

very beautifully written...

but the very last line is very disturbing.. makes the whole thing exteremely dark..
kills each and every implication of the word called 'hope'