Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Koi ane wala hai

Dhadkan keh rahi hai

Yahan koi aanay wala hai

saawan keh raha hai

baadal koi chhaanay wala hai

mann mera … paagal … dhoondhe tujhe ghabra ke

mauje keh rahi hai

saahil koi aanay wala hai

koyal keh rahi hai

saathi koi gaane wala hai

ek naya aasmaan mil gaya hai hume tujhko paa ke


aaj mera jahan tum hi tum ho

aaj meri daastaan tum hi tum ho

tum yahan tum wahan jaane jana

jau main ab jahan tum hi tum ho

mil gaya raasta aisa phoolo bhara chalte chalte

dhadkan keh rahi hai

yahan koi aanay wala hai

saawan keh raha hai

baadal koi chhanay wala hai

mann mera paagal … dhoondhta hai tujhe ghabra ke


Strings-koi ane wala hai
love this song love the whole album love strings!!


Rockstar said...

awesome song, awesome album with awesome lyrics!

i love the lyrics of "Aik Do Teen" and most of the songs are fast this time =)

Lunatic.... said...

and aik dou teen has a good beat!

Rockstar said...

yeah and i totally loved the bangs in Koi Anay Wala Hai.
gumby did a great job!

Shiza said...

Strings is one Pakistani band that has been consistant with what they put out every time.
I love your skin.

Lunatic.... said...

@ rockstar
yaa!! I loved it too!!
haan sach mein it was worth waiting for this album
and thnx :)

Rockstar said...

but the only thing i didnt like is ke the sound of this band is still the same! i mean they should change their stuff.. same chords, same solos, same low pitch vocals. they should try something diffrent.

Lunatic.... said...

@rockstar ya tats true!

Asma said...

Challo intzar kartay hain phir ;P

An ILLuS|On said...

i like this track & few tracks of this new album are good ones..their music does sounds somewhat fresh but generally speaking most of the tracks sound somewhat the same..monotonous as i say but thank god this time their album's less indianized!

silent screams said...

i finally got to listen to the song!!! and acha hai kafi! :)
love string! they are the one decent band who always come up with something good!

and thx ;)