Tuesday, October 21, 2008


tick toc.

days weeks words cuts

your ruling habits
my seething anger

ok fine you rule the world but I am telling you I am not a part of that world

my time will come soon
He has a better plan for me than you think
red white lies
hate you

ps.all the commentors I
DON'T want any lecture over happiness!


exquisite said...

who's lecturing *looking sideways in bafflement*

very overwhelming but i guess, we can all agree on this,

let us 'tick toc' away our anger and despair

A smile is just a vertical flip away u know :P

) (ate said...

Ur a survivor :)
I believe in you!

loads of love and hugs for my favorite sweetums :D

Mubi said...

lol, i guess it was for me :p
no lecure!

a bit irrelevant but hate, hey u never come to my blog now :( and i cant seem to access urs either :p (i know you dont want ppl intruding,is it)

[[[ x Smiley x ]]] said...

stretching ur jaw muscles doesn't hurt, give it a try eh

ڈفر said...

you are absolutely alright :D

silent screams said...

sab ka time ata hai, tumhara bhe aye ga
but u have to be strong and keep tat faith strong as well :)
love u!