Monday, October 20, 2008

found it! :P

I was longing to find my long lost blog of which I had forgotten the url :$ :P
at last I found it and it was funny yet painful reading it..well I have found this old post of mine which I would like to share
I don't know who wrote it

aKhlaaq na bartenge mudaawaa na karenge
ab hAm kisi shaKhs ki paravaah na karenge
kuch log kaii lafz galat bol rahe hain
isalaah magar ham bhi ab isalaah na karenge
kam-goii k ek vasf-e-himaaqat hai bahar toU
kam-goii ko apanaayenge chahakaa na karenge
ab sahal pasandi ko banaayenge vatiiraa
taa der kisi baab meIn sochaa na karenge
Gussaa bhi hai tahaziib-e-ta'lluq ka talabgaar
ham chhup hain bahre baiYhe hain Gussaa na karenge
kal raat bahut ghuur kiyaa hai so ham
tay kar ke uthe hain k tamannaa na karenge


(¯`•._.•[Raaji]•._.•´¯) said...

hmm... this is a good one :-)

silent screams said...

KUCH samajh nhi ayi!!! lol
and me gona go read ur old blog...mahahaha and embarass u!! :P

Asma said...

wow .. U lost the blog .. hehe funny =P

Beautiful nazm too :)

Anonymous said...

where's the link of ur old blog :P

Anonymous said...

taa der kisi baab meIn sochaa na karenge..

I wish I would be able to do that someday :$

[[[ x Smiley x ]]] said...

and i thought it was only passwrds u could forget! :D

Lunatic.... said...

ya I the genius forgot the password username and url altogether haha :$

SAWJ said...

Sar mein dard hota hai English mein Urdu parhne se
Ab ham kisi blog pe aankhain phara na karain ge

I think typing in Urdu would have been a good idea. Maybe you should intall right-to-left languages on your PC now. :)

Anonymous said...

i see there is alot of rememberance of old blogs and old posts....
im probably gonna do something like that too! :P haha! :D

and sorry i dint get the poem at all.... :S matlab its hard reading english walli urdu! :p

Noor Ali said...

Wow! Certainly one of the most beautiful blogs I ve seen in some time!


Lunatic.... said...

ya I am thinking to install that thingy so its easy read for you

@ noor ali
thats such a big compliment :D
welcome to my blog!

Anonymous said...

I wish I could understand it.
I can read urdu and understand the language but when it's written in english, I can't decipher it.

But the comments tell me it's beautifully written.