Sunday, October 19, 2008

I am sad. Never mind.
Magrib azaan always fills me with sadness.
grainy grey picture of life
dont bother


exquisite said...

awww... cheer up
what's there to be sad about...

if u're feeling down because the day has come to an end... think of those individuals who didn't even got a chance to be in such a position to express their feelings about the days end

we always take things for granted and no, this is not to be a blameworthy attribute, it's rather an inherit defect that we all share as human beings

bring that hidden smile back and think of tomorrow, a new day in the making...

now smile please :-)

ڈفر said...

dont be sad
try to understand the message
and i bet once you did that you will be filled with joy forever
God bless you

silent screams said...

i know why :(
its gona get ok lizu

exquisite said...

i have posted a video of a hilarious cat... this would hopefully cheer u up


Mubi said...

i know maghrib time is a bit sad but somehow i kinda like that time for the slowness it brings, for the twilight and for the nature in a way paying homage to the day gone by..i dono its weird i have a mixed feeling about maghrib

exquisite said...

@mubi: wow... how u paint this scenic element of Maghraib taking over the daylight is quite majestic :P