Thursday, October 30, 2008

I dint get the chili mili I am very sad about it :'( I want the jelly!!!! :'( I dont care if it is very childish to ask :( I want chili mili!!! *bawling*


j said...

hey hey.. snapp out of it... THA! ure in the real world bro. u want something ??? jump n grab it.

but u probably shudnt jump at the candyman fer sum freako jello

ڈفر said...

5 rupay ki 1, 9 rupay ki 2
akhri bat hai khan saab :D

) (ate said...

I consider chili milli one of the absolute greatest gummies invented in Pakistan :)

Eeda said...

chilli milli made my tummy hurt.
or that might be because i went thru 4 packets at one time :S

exquisite said...

awwww :)

An ILLuS|On said...

me too loves em very much:D
ek ye hoti thi aur aik candyland ki cola loved em both:S

p.s. fantastic template..kudos(Y)

d gypsy! said...

me tooooooooooooo

but what is chilli milli? :O

SAWJ said...

Chilli milli is good. But it's standard is falling day by day.

Anonymous said...

your previous layout was better than this one.went well with the posts actually..

Anonymous said...

plus,who have u made "blah" for? how can i/we get the paswrd :/ ? if its not just for your "real" folks,of course.

Lunatic.... said...

@ duffer I got it for 10 should have consulted you :P

@ hate yup :D

@ eeda I got the pain too after eating five packets together :$

@ illusion
ya that cola one was very yum too and thanks :)

@ d gypsy
it's a jelly

@ sawj
in pk standard always fall :P

@ anonymous
that's my personal private blog for myself.

Impressionist said...

chilli milli?
whats that??


Marina said...

chili milli <3 =D