Wednesday, October 29, 2008


I feel like it was Your way to create an escape for me and allow me the freedom to grow out of everything.
But when I think this I feel guilty.
I feel so tired and just weird I long for something I can't understand and comprehend.


exquisite said...

If you yearn for something that is not conceivable... let it be exactly that... there are somethings that are more enjoyable when they are far away from our grasp :P

but then again, i speak from my own frame of mind and sorry if this statement of mine turns out to be offensive

j said...

nice presentation

Noor Ali said...

what is a deardful question to ask?

[[[ x Smiley x ]]] said...

love the new layout!

Lunatic.... said...

@ exquisite
it wasn't offensive :)

@ j thanks

@ noor ali
the question--who I am?

@ smiley
thanks :)

hfm said...

You know the title to your post:kashmakash-it was my friends fave word at Urdu A Levels, she'd say it ALL the time, even when it wouldn't make sense.
Aaand she'd say it so much it would be like a crazy mantra!

Lunatic.... said...

@ hfm

hehehe ya it is a funny word and while writing it in urdu I always had a problem :$
and there are many good sites with lovely templates

here are the links you just copy the html and paste it. :)



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hfm said...

You are a star!
I'm going to check them out.

yepp, Kashmakash is damn strangee!