Friday, October 10, 2008

Tag-Top most gratifications

I was tagged by exquisite :)

1st-my cellphone I am kind of person who msgs all day and can't sleep properly if my cell is not right near my pillow..though I am changing it but for right now k790i is my life :P

2nd-my sketch ka saman :)

3rd-my cats they are like my family from top left-shonu,bilo rani aka brownie, monu and bibal :)

ps.Aina as you might argue why I dint mention you so the reason is you come above all of them and I can't compare you with cats or cell phone :P

I tag timsal and aina :)


hfm said...

I love photographing in sepia.
Everything looks so beautiful in that mode.
I have a sony ericsson fone with the cybershot camera, pretty good isn't it??
The pixx I took in my 'tag' blog were taken in that mode and with that camera!

exquisite said...

lol at the cellphone... i know many many people with the very same addiction and now look at me, playing the judging game and here i am addicted to my comptuer

u sketch beautifully ... mashAllah!
i shall get a sketch of my choice from u ... that is if u don't mind ;)

awwwwwwwwww MashAllah such cute kitties there

u won't believe it but my bubllo has this same eye pattern like monu... :)

and i shall post the rest of my kitty families tomorrow. InshAllah

until then
Allah Hafiz

ڈفر said...

میرا بھی سکیچ بنا دو
اللہ بھلا کرے گا

Lunatic.... said...

@hfm ya sepia roxx :D which model do you have?

@ exquisite
hehehe its ok that wasnt exactly judgng and sure you can get it :)

@ duffer
lol pic kahan se lun? takke Allah mera bhala kare :P

) (ate said...

love it!
and haan liz mera tou in bhi mention nahi hua! :(

atleast thanks for the tag i needed a push!

SAWJ said...

O bhai, don't keep your cellphone near your pillow, the radiation causes brain cancer!

Should I start on Shonu again? :P

[[[ x Smiley x ]]] said...

this tagging thing is everywhere, i just did mine this morning!

i too share the cell phone addiction, and the hafki of whether it is by my pillow or a few cm's away!

awwwwwwwwwwwwwww the cats are sooo cute! gorgeous!

i really like cats but they dnt seem to like me :(

Asma said...

Ohh dear I love that sketch on top in the picture =))

And shonu seems like err... you know what I mean =P She's the cutest but I personally HATE cats ... cute taggy =))

hfm said...

I have the k550i.
It's okies but the buttons are painful when you text manically [like I tend to do sometimes *blushes*]

concealedpearls said...

Ooh, I like your sketches. They seem pretty good. =]

exquisite said...

the rest of the family is posted

see and compare both monu's and bubbloo's eyes... they are remarkably similar... :)

take care

and say my regards to the kittens :) and tell them that bubblo and jerru were saying hello to them as well :P

Mubi said...

lol...well you know what i too used to sleep with my cell phone near my pillow but then i heard all those dangerous things about it :S lol,,now its on my bedside:p
btw is that that cell phone that take pics automatically when people smile? lol silly me :$
and WOW, WOW at your sketch! you are so good mashAllah.
loved ur cats!! you and exquisite are tempting me to post my cat pics as well,,stray cats..

exquisite said...

no no... it won't give u a brain cancer...

by this theory... u r exposed to more waves with potentially harmful frequencies almost every flip of a second... and imagine all those tumors being shaped into their eventual malignancy... total absurdity :)

silent screams said...

lol maze ki post thi!!
and im glad u mentioned a "ps" note :P
and now that u have tagged me, i wil ve to come up with stuff too...hmm..will tk time :P
after mids :P

Marina said...

I like your phonnneeee =D
and your billian are SO CUTE!

YASEENCH said...

join me for ban on tea import

Scribblers Inc said...

goody cats...and the best feature of the phone you are using has to be the macro everything!!

Scribblers Inc.

P.S.-you are a brilliant artist!!

Lunatic.... said...

@ everyone