Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Words of Marina

maybe you can someday understand it..
Thinking of you so much borders on 'not acceptable'.
I dreamt of you last night.
I woke up to see your name flash up on my cellphone and I smiled.
There is too much pain in you for me to let it go by unnoticed. If I could look into your eyes, I would see the possibility of the warmth and innocence you would have embodied, if you hadn't been hurt like this. If I could watch you, I would see buried flashes of it when you speak to the elderly, hold babies, feel the pain of the ill.
Since you're not here, I'll search for you in the faces of people I see.
True eyes and glorious smile.
If I promise you not to hurt you, you won't believe it and I might not be able to keep it. But I can promise you I'll try my damned hardest.
Never forget you're beautiful. Not a failure, not what people say you are, not what you see in the mirror. Just plain ol' beautiful. Inside and out, through and through.


exquisite said...

lunaticcc.... welcome back

how was ur trip to lahore... :) ?

your friend marina writes eloquently

ooh... i have made an anagram out of ur blog id ... :) feel free to check it out...

take care

Marina said...

Lunatic- what a huge compliment =D thank you!

) (ate said...

that was beautiful!
bravo to marina...
and liz for sharing it with us!

and liz she dint come up and post a comment saying!


unlike someone here! :p

Lunatic.... said...

@ hate
choore khote kahan hou? I am missing you so much you cant even imagine it :(
and did i call you chor at some post ?:$ i dont remember :$
khider hoooo!!!?

silent screams said...

tats good piece of writing :)