Saturday, November 8, 2008

I want a new cell phone
anyone of thesemltan100.blogspot.comsony ericsson w980


sony ericsson w902
anybody interesting in gifting me

Soon I am going to get one waitng for abu to get free and I attend my first class at uni then I am going to get it
It's going to my bday gift+AS level result+A level result+ entry test result


Anonymous said...

Ohh wow!
I love the first phone-w980 but these fones are like a substitute for a camera/ipod/computer and anything else gadget-y you can think of.I have an ipod already so I don't mind not being able to listen to music on my fone, I dunno.Sometimes I think fones will be so technological [??] and it'll replace any other gadget we may need to buy!
Are you at A Level stage?I always thought you were older!

ڈفر said...

any of these? :O
یہ تو نا لینے والی بات ہو گیی نا! ۔

Lunatic.... said...

@ hfm
lol I want everything in one thing :P
and no I have passed it I am in a med college now!

@ duffer
lol kyun bhai??

Kadri said...

I got a new Nokia this summer and after two days of trying to figure out how it worked I gave up and gave it to my husband instead. I need things that are less complicated so I'm sticking to my 6 year old cell phone and leave the new stuff to people that know how to work it. =/

Asma said...

Aren't you too young :P

Buy an ipod ;)

Anonymous said...

if i were u, i'll go for N85

Currently use N82 and i luv it like a baby :P

while we're at it, force ur dad to get a laptop too :)

SAWJ said...

That's a lot of results!

Try Nokia E61i. That's what I have. :)

Anonymous said...

W980 looks so cool..I want it :P

silent screams said...

w980 itna alllaa hai!!!!!! :O
and w902 second choice. not a nokia fan so tats going to be on the third!

Caffenist said...

Okay the first one.... -drools a river-