Sunday, November 9, 2008

Sometimes when you stop expecting it starts getting easier for your own self.It hurts lesser now. I can feel that I am starting to breathe again.


ڈفر said...

Thank God
and welcome back to life :)

Anonymous said...

I agree.

Anonymous said...

my gud friend once said, keep ur expectations low, u'll never be disappointed ;)

Summer Cutee said...

disappointments and expectations go hand in hand and both of them follow Hope...
Yea when u consciously stop worrying abt the little things u automatically stop expecting the best or the worse...and it helps a great deal...congrats on learning a really helpful lesson :D

Summer Cutee said...

and ur template is really cool ;)

siras said...

You're right, but sometimes it's difficult to stop expecting!

Thanks for adding me to your blogroll!

Anonymous said...

hope is directly proportional to hopelessness.. .makes sense ? :p

Impressionist said...

I remember reading somewhere that expectations reduce joy.
that is so true.
if only we could do that


Lunatic.... said...

@ Dee (thats what I am going to call now :P )

@ hfm
dont be sad it's great lesson to learn in life

I completely agree

@summer cutee
thanks for the compliment :)

I agree..and no problem at all :)
I loved it!!

ok now I am little curious about you! you come from nowhere and drop by your very nice comments may I get the privilage of knowing you or do i know you and you don't want me to know that I know you :P

that's a great quote

and ya leaving a msg for you my response wasn't in our related thing I apply this to other stuff you know which never change for me!

Asma said...

So what they say is right. Its better to leave things on their own ... they start getting resolved :)

All the best!

Mera naam chun chun said...

breathing is good

SAWJ said...

What, you won't be getting your phone? :P

Lunatic.... said...

@ sawj
first I have to get a refrigerator an oven get my room carpeted and loads of other stuff then cell phone--btw that all for my hostel!

SAWJ said...

All that crap instead of a cellphone?

When are you moving to the hostel?

Lunatic.... said...

@ sawj not instead of cellphone! and they are the necessary stuff :P
I am going permanently on Monday waise classes from Saturday!