Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I have got nothing to post so this zodiac thing inspired by siras

You can find about your star here--zodiac


siras said...

Interesting! :)

My brother's a virgo too, but he's definitely not neat and clean, and he never does the worrying for you, you have to do the worrying for HIM! :p

ڈفر said...

my little sister is virgo, and this all i have read, is what i know about starts :D

silent screams said...

how abt post nothing wen u have nothing to post :P
jst kiddin
interesting stff although i dnt blv in it, and most of em dont even go with u :P

Mera naam chun chun said...

i liked it :D
even tho i ares no virgos.

hfm said...

I know horoscopes are bogus and Haraam but sometimes I can't resist just reading mine and my friends to see what's in our generic futures!

Asma said...

comedic .. i agree =))

Walking Away said...

lol it's interesting I posted it too :P