Thursday, November 13, 2008

hahaha this suits my situation I got my room yesterday for time being it stinks like but we will work on it and get it fixed! I am lucky I got the demonstrator room in the hostel otherwise the other student rooms are even worse,that's what we have got in our government colleges! and with the rent of 50Rs per month I shouldn't be expecting more than
I am going on saturday. My pc will be at home for a week until I get a computer table that fits in my miniature room and I can't risk taking the laptop because of the stealing scene there. And yes the seniors are well prepared for our yesterday two girls tried to trap me and my friend while we were looking at the rooms but thanks to the supervisor with us they left us! but bakre ki maa kab tak khair manae gi lol phasna tou hai! I hope it's good and funny I will come and share it here what happened with me. Last year my friend's sister and their classfellows made a newcomer wear socks on his ears and run round and round in the ground doing *mae mae mae mae* and with the other guy they asked him to shout and run all around in the university calling * meri paro meri paro* lols
and yes I am getting scholarshipmltan100.blogspot.comI will buy my cell with it hehe
any tips for living in hostel are most welcome! I really need them!


Asma said...

scholarship for mobile :O

Chillex ... I wont come to u if u'r gonna treat us like pic 1 :P

ڈفر said...

best of luck :)
i guess you'll get something different from *mae mae mae mae*
i think *bhaan bhaan bhaan* will suit better :D

silent screams said...

hahaha funny posT!!! LOL
i hope u get sth rly daring to do! maza aye ga!! a nd yay u got money for ur cell!!!! :D :D :D

and jaldi computer lai k jana :'(
i dnt wana miss anything!!!!!!!!

baki loads of good luk for evrythng
and even thou im not in hostel, but i have PLENTY of tips :P
will keep giving em to u!!

Walking Away said...

lol best of luck!! :P

siras said...

Good luck! Enjoy! =)

SAWJ said...

Keep your door shut at night or the seniors will make your life miserable!

So which cellphone did you decide on?

) (ate said...

Im soo happy for u!
and NO thats NOT wat ur gonna be like as a doc! trust me!
and I have to second with aina! i hope tumheyn wou BOHAT tang karayn! u need that laugh and embarssment uv been tooo protected for ur own gud! hahahaha!
u probably dont understand me but its the truth!
and lol that the benefit of having a parent in the business!...ur lucky u got a room like that.....comparitively atleast!....aur cell konsa decide kiya? acha Liz listen this is ur chance HAVE FUN! LIVE IT UP!
it will be okay trust GOD for everything! u wait and see!
I am sooo happy for u! U are gonna learn soo much about life...and that it is much more than wat u have been used to seeing! As for a EVERYTHING that the seniors say...bana k rakho gee...SARAY seniors se tou ull have a comfortable time...warna its hell! me on that! baki best of luck once again!

) (ate said...

and i hate u for ur chunnay comments! LOOK at mine! ;P :P :P

Lunatic.... said...

@ asma lol I hope I am not a doctor like that :P

@ dee
lol you think I am cry baby?:P

@ silent screams

lol khoti baad-dua na dou :P and you think I wont keep you updated?:P in 24 hours of the day I am going to call you 48 times you know whom I am going to come to do all the whiny and put away my strong adult act :P

@walking away and siras
thanks alot :)

ya I am getting the locks repaired for that purpose!
and I think I will get w980i! I like it the most!

@ hate
seniors se bana kr so that they pop up in my room all the time and steal my stuff I am not going to anybody's room and allowing anyone in mine :P it's just two year thing and I will back home to my nishtar! I don't like adventures :P and I love my stuff alot!
and han I can't do long comments :p you are the one with all the chatar patar thing :P
jate hi I have got comments from the guys so I am gonna stay aloof it's too risky for me :P with all the paindoos around me there!

exquisite said...

mubarak hooo appp kooo

scholarship mashAllah!


sorry u cant take ur laptop there... :S

ragging is a tradition... share ur experience once u get ragged :P

and as for the pic, that looks more like a cannibal to me than a doc

(¯`•._.•[Raaji]•._.•´¯) said...

this seem shady.. good luck :)

Komal said...

yaar meray pass bohat tips hain hostel main rehnay ki :P
main batati hun:P
donot skip any meals even if the hostel food is bad :P eat a little :P
aur haan sab ko na kaha karo:P set ur limitations shuru main hi warna log bohat tung kartay hain :( :P
aur hide away ur eating stuff :P bhookay log hotay hain bohat hostel main jo aap ki cheezain kha jatay hain and u have nothing left:P
and yes take care of ur wallet too cz hostel mein bohat choriaan hoti hain :P
and keep ur money in more than one wallet takay aik gumay tou dusra tou ho :P
and donot let anyone use ur computer :P
aur haan wakayi room lock kar k rakhna even in the day warna log tang kar kar k maar daitay hain :P
i have more tips too :P
wo msgs pe bata dun gi :P :D

An ILLuS|On said...

Goodluck lizzie as living in a hostel is an adventure in could be one of the best thing that could happen to you or it could be the opposite..try being smart & don't let any take advantage of yourself & don't let anyone underestimate you..mind your own business & always try staying outa just have to find your company & not to get intimated by the bullies/loosers whatsoever..don't trust people & don't try to be extra sweet!
I'm sure you'd enjoy living in hostel..insha'Allah sab theek hoga..goodluck(Y)

Absar Shah said...

Oooh cool! I would've loved to get ragged back in college, kyunke college seems incomplete without that first weeks experience :P

Have fun at the hostel! That's the REAL fun of college! :)

Anonymous said...

roaches,bedbugs n Louie!

go get them ;p

btw they call me Sarah. =)

Mera naam chun chun said...

Fsc or Alevels?

hfm said...

It sounds like huge fun!
We don't really get pranked much,but the freshers go through a tough time with people giving wrong directions etc.
I do that!I'm going to use my student grant money for a new Mac.Omygosh, I really want one, i have my eye on one and I think life wouldbe all good if I get it into my possession!
Love the pic-I guess I'm off doctors for good now!

Lunatic.... said...

Ya it is a cannibal lol

@ raaji
thanks :)

WELCOME!!!! thanks for commenting :D :D it has made me really happy :D:D and thanks for the tips!!!

thanks yar I will try my best to live the fullest :)

@absar shah

hehe I am scared of ragging :P

do you blog too?

@mera naam chun chun

lol I know how hard it is!! :P I have gone thru this hell:P and especially with my alevels!

good luck!
do tell me when you get it!

Mera naam chun chun said...

thats brilliant. Yeah I got into Dental, i didn want to do med,saw my sister become a doctor :P
Im not even smart, but yeah its bloody hard. I gave the UHS exam man. Bloody exams. Bloody bloody fsc exams, bloody bloody cambridge. Super smrt chica, you prolly got three/ four a's.:/

Lunatic.... said...

@ mera naam chun chun

lol my father is a doctor and for me I think I can handle only this profession lol and I got 3As
where did you get admission??
and ya I know how bloody these exams are!!

Mera naam chun chun said...

I got into Margalla Dental College.
Yeah i thought you'd get those grades :P

Hahahaha. NERD. My sister is a doctor from shifa. Where're you Studying?

Lunatic.... said...

@ mera naam chun chun
Oh great!
I got in Quaid-e-Azam medical college
I wish I had got in nishtar in my city :(

Mera naam chun chun said...

YAAr. something is better than NOTHING :D I think you wud understand that on admission terms.

Lunatic.... said...

@ mera naam chun chun

YA!! I understand that very well!! It's much better than going to rahim yar khan! bhawalpur just two hour drive from my place so I will come back on weekends and I will get migrated to nishtar in 3rd year!

Mera naam chun chun said...

yeah. Insha Allah.