Saturday, November 15, 2008

lol I love this site asma they are so damn cute thanks for telling me

My first day went quite fine without any ragging the teachers are so strict here they don't allow it. Got my room almost set with carpets it will get completed on Monday. Nothing special really happened to be shared. Just that studies here seem to be quite tough! and we had to give our attendance 10 times because they had nothing else to keep us and ya the boys aren't allowed to wear joggers jeans and t-shirts with stuff written on it. One of them got beztified toomltan100.blogspot.comlol and we girls are not allowed to wear open shoes! Bus these were the weird stuff.


silent screams said...

lol always fun to read the weird stuff :D :P
hehe and yup the cartoon are sooo cutE!!!!!!!!!
tell me the site :P

Mera naam chun chun said...

hahahahahahah. MAN!, i dont wanna start dentistry as yet

[[[ x Smiley x ]]] said...

sounds weirdly fun!

break a leg with it all :D

Asma said...

Oh gooodness now ur shoes will party in closet too :D

I ubberly loved this particular one too :)

) (ate said...

HOW are u blogging from there? u said u were gonna take ur computer in a week? :S
anyways! its really good to hear from u!
and lol WIERD GOVERNMENT colleges!
btw liz...
ZAHIR hai parhai is gonna be tuff! u know it is a medical college rite? :P hahaha!

hfm said...


Enjoy it!
I hate weird rules, my old college had the strangest rules going on-ofcourse, they're there to be broken!Hah.

siras said...

Good to know your first day was alright.. and I love that particular cartoon! :D

Lunatic.... said...

@silent screams
lol it is in my link list check it there!

@ mera naam chun chun
lol don't get scared by this!

yup it is fun :P

it is also my favorite too :D

yar I am back for weekend kal I am going paka paka wala! and han pata hai mujhe choore :P btw I am missing you alot!

ya it's in the start like this phir sab apni marzi krte hai! :P

@ siras ya you can check out more of them at

Mera naam chun chun said...

yes yes, easy for you to say, super smart chica.

SAWJ said...

What's so cute about the cartoon? The figure in the middle looks like the one-eyed dajjal! :P

I escaped ragging at my university because I didn't live at the campus. The seniors tried to corner me during college hours, almost had a confrontation but I was able to escape before anything serious happened.

**MaV said...

Ahh .. first days ! Wish u all the best ! ^^

hfm said...

aww the pic is so cuuute!

Good luck with everything.

wildflower said...

"Isn’t it amazing how you can keep so much bottle up inside of you, and you can just walk around and nobody has any idea"

I jus lowedd this.. & I so completely agree! :)

Mubi said...

o best of luck to be dr :D
and why not open shoes? :s

An ILLuS|On said...

this sounds more like a jail rather than a medical college..ab itni bhi kya strictness yaar..this is uni-ver-sityyyyy..its pure fun (minus the studies/exams but still yaaarrr:S)
loved this photo btw..pretty hillarious;)

(¯`•._.•[Raaji]•._.•´¯) said...

these restrictions are definitely weird :-)
good luck :-)