Sunday, November 23, 2008

Leigh Nash-Along the wall

There is a door, where i am standing
Without a key, without a clue
Without you, i am wondering...
Wondering about you.

It's a cold cold night
Are you gonna call me
Tell me about.. how i go on and on.. about you
Being how it used to be.
How it's all about me.

Ooohh i would like to know
Who is the wounded one
Which one will make the move
Which one is willing to lose


) (ate said...

I love the picture!
they say a picture says a thousand words and this is defintely the case....
are those lyrics?
watever they are....i find them to be quite powerfull and potent!

*prayers for ur well being*


**MaV said...

I agree with )(ate ! =)
The words written in the song/poem are very touching n deep! =)

DuFFeR said...

very nice
infect fantastic :)

Walking Away said...

I really like the poem and the picture! =]

Kadri said...

Powerful words from Leigh Nash. =)

Kadri said...

... oh shoot! I posted prematurely...

I wanted to say that I love how people can quote something and still give it a personal touch, just as you did by adding the photo and the fonts to the text.

silent screams said...

very good lyrics:)

SAWJ said...

Nice pic.

Where's Asma? If she comments, tell her that I asked her to learn something from it.

siras said...

Amazing and powerful lyrics!

exquisite said...

the image paints a wonderful ambiance and compliments very well with your words

'Who is the wounded one' ? :P

p.s. howz college ? :)

(¯`•._.•[Raaji]•._.•´¯) said...

beautiful poem and a gorgeous pic :-)

hfm said...

The words are soft in the song.
[I'm listening to it right now.It's nothing I listen to usually, but it's growing on me!]

Take care.

hfm said...

Another thing when you listen to the song-the breaths and sighs make the lyrics seem more powerful-it's amazing!