Thursday, December 4, 2008

I am back people for the eid holidays! I will do a detailed post tomorrow
the few updates are that I am very sick
I cleared my sub-stage with good marks! viva tha
We did dissection and now the bodies have fungus and things are very disgusting with yellow liquid flowing out of the bodies and green fungus
anatomy department paglo ka department hai teachers there are clinically insane!
and environment of qmc sucks!!


) (ate said...

sorry to hear ur sick yara!
hope u get better!
and LOL that description is enough to make me puke :P
and government college hai tou its expected!
par i AM SOO glad ur back :D :D

Walking Away said...

*pleased with self not to have ever considered medical as a career option*
LOL..qmc ka environment JH say behtar he hoga atleast.. :P

Asma said...

LOL !!!

QMC? Bahawalpur?

My sis did her first prof from there ... at her time the anatomy deptt used to suck big time ... they were all forced to wear white shalwar dupatas by their anatomy head :P

Njoy the holidays :)

siras said...

Get well soon! =)

Absar Shah said...

Eh... dissected bodies with fungus... right... hand me the basket please...

(unless there's that yellow stuff in there...)

DuFFeR said...

welcome back
im also back :D