Friday, December 5, 2008

han now for the complete details! first of all I am terribly sick and with all the huge number of pills and coughing like a dog I seriously look like a TB patient :P
talking about college it is the worst place ever to exist on this world! very vulgar fooling crappy narrow minded conservative teachers awful seniors! in short this place is more like hell for me!
the teachers here think the girl wearing a veil is very pak and muslim and while who isn't is some prostitute and should be punished in every way possible! But I am dheet for them I will never change my personality if they think I am a prostitute let them think that way I give a fucking damn about your shallow minds!

The hold of jamiat-islami is so much here! thanks GoD I am in Iqbal Hall in Faisal Hall the jamiat girls don't allow tv and anybody who is listening to music they go to their room and fight over it and call them kafir! We had a so-called tiny little primary class standard welcome "party"(shame to call it a party) in hostel. I didn't go but what I heard made me do shukar that I didn't go.There was no music no entertainment the jamiat ppl gave DARSSS!!! and that's all this was the welcome thng!

every single girl here is crying and complaining about it. In college the favouritism rules! A girl daughter of a professor working at qmc gets the highest marks teachers take her viva for 30 mins and wehereas mine not even 10 minutes my demonstrator has no intention to pass me! She asked me the questions she hadn't asked anybody all the twisted ones and tried to confuse me a lot asking me at my every answer " are you sure? really?" I hate her.

The whole anatomy department is the department of mentally sick people! the maam calls us "loofar" "awaara" "third-class girls" and the college thinks that this maam has got some kind of mental problem cuz she calls this type of things to our seniors final year girls too!. and khud she is wearing almost sleeveless stuff no dupatta frills and weird clothes!
she is the maam of girls batch but she goes to help the boys batch and does dissection herself for them but to us she gives the order "skin remove krlo" "fat nikal dou" "aapko tou kuch nahi ata" I am like hum tou apne ghar se seekh ke ate hai na dissection!! I hate this maam too!!

Biochem and physio departments are much better the teachers there don't pass fail you on the basis of your links and appearance!

and the computer lab at our college is always locked!

I think that's enought to explain the hell shitty place I am living in!

I will never advice anybody to ever go qmc this place sucks!!


silent screams said...

i know all this isnt funny but ur description sure is! cudnt help but laugh! haha
btw i knew almost all of tat before! but loved ur words useage :P :P
and i also hate ur stupid demonstrator!! and in short, more than half of QMC consists of pagals!!!

khyr! i hope u get ur migration soon and this "lil" time tat u have to spend here passes quickly!
loads of hugs

hang in there :)

Kadri said...

Your post is an eye opener for me. I've never been discriminated against and I've never been treated differently from others at school and I realize how our complaints are really nothing at all when compared to how things are in other countries.

SAWJ said...

One tip for survival: learn to kiss ass!

May God be with you through this difficult time. :P

ڈفر said...

yesterday night when ii tried to comment, light gone away :(
and when i tried to comment today morning, phone line got dead :'(
i hope k till post this comment, my notebook doesn't start producing smoke :D
wish you best of luck till you stay with these ignorant جماعتیے

hfm said...

best of luck with everything-I'm sorry to hear this.
remember:With difficulty will come ease.

) (ate said...

mazaaaaaaaa agya parh k post!....ur style of riting...the free lance is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!
but sadly the place sounds HORRIBLE!!!!!!!!
as im sure it is...
but waisay that is wat i have heard about the whole government places!
and i cudnt stop laughing at the party scene! acha kiya na jaa ke!
waisay very shallow teachers! i hate those types!

but i am sure u will learn to survive! ur one tough root to pull!
but listen two tips to make life easier

one is I HAVE to agree with SAWJ

kiss ass!
u ahve to be very flattering and works! especially there
and if u wanna be avoided by the jamiyat etc....
then u should be REALLY blunt...
jab khatra ho k they will come to ur room...u should BUST LOUD ur music and dance and jump around....
theyll think
"a lost cause" LOL
pata hai ahmed mujtaba yehi karta hai :p
remember him? kher
good luck and yar i hope u really feel better soon enough!

Walking Away said...

Lmao at the welcome party scene (if it was really one lol)

An ILLuS|On said...

welcome to the front line..this is what university life is all about..just relax lizzie..everything will settle down..give yourself some time & don't get intimidated by all these bozos..stay calm & focussed..its tough but its not going to get easy either..brace yourself for the worst & stay determined.

p.s. sometimes you've to do some buttering for your own good..believe you me I never believed on doing so & suffered a lot coz of it but trust me it works give it a try:P