Sunday, March 29, 2009

To hold you safe in my embrace

The time may change
Even if it all looks beyond the reality
but I will make it true for you
always and forever
for you


¤Ü•B¤ said...

i wish i could do this !!

Ragpicker said...

Theres a deftones song called - Change (in house of flies) that absolutely brings the exact feeling after I read this post.

Do listen to the track if you havent heard or atleast seek the lyrics. Youw ill be amazed :)

-T said...

very sweet liz :)

btw this is amazing :D

americanising desi said...

you are so beautiful and why r u sad?

Lunatic.... said...

@americanising desi
lol me and beautiful?

Senilius said...

@AD: Yeah, her and beautiful? :D

@Lizzie: Maarn nahin! :P

Waise, tumhein bhi hua wa hai kya?

An ILLuS|On said...

loved it!

~*~ Jal Pari ~*~ said...
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silent screams said...