Saturday, April 4, 2009


hfm said...

I sympathise with the kitty.

silent screams said...

@ hfm: its a dog i think

and liz what is this? how in the world is this funny ? :p
pagal :P
weird sense of humor wali bandi..and yea whats that..weird books parhne wali


*i-know-you-wana-kill-me face*

Lunatic.... said...

moi khoti aina!! don't you dare say anything to my edward or i will drink you blood as my loyalty for him tum and tumhra stupid OTH not my books!!

silent screams said...

i will say what i said again

atleast ppl in one tree hill dont drink blood and dont go around tasting the tears of or craving to eat who they love

and u gona kill urself but u wouldnt do that to me
HA again :P

Lunatic.... said...

khoti churi!!! that's the fault of loving you too much you take advantage of it :p dafa hojao you know I wont kill you:P ok edward bad n your OTH good happy

silent screams said...


OTH rules!!!!! yaay :D