Saturday, April 4, 2009


Life what we call it..Is just about moving on and getting rid of the past accepting what you get and letting go of what you can't it that easy? To do all this is it that easy as it looks like? I bet you it isn't it really isn't..with every unfulfilled desire a part of you changes and you are never the same person again...I hate to change..

Greg laswell-What a day
What a day to be alive
What a day to realize I'm not dead
What a day to save a dime
What a day to die trying

What a way to say good bye
What a wonderful life now
What a way to use your mind
What a day to say good night

"Bring on the evening hours," I cry
"Bring on the evidence of my life"
(My life)

What a day to give a damn
What a day for "Gone with the Wind"
And what a day to start again
What a day to give up dry gin

"Bring on the evening hours," I cry
"Bring on the evidence of my life"
"Bring on the evening hours," I cry
"Bring on the evidence of my life"

Let it go
Let it go from here, I don't know
Let it go
Let it go from here, I don't know
Don't know

What a day to visit Seattle
What a day for San Francisco
What a day, holy Toldeo
What a day to get in the air and go
What a day to give up smoking
What a day to absorb
What a day to welcome a baby
And to begin breathing
(To begin breathing)


silent screams said...

hmm it IS hard to let go..
but not impossible


-T said...

I think its next to the impossible...if not completely up there....

and it hurts....
that is the worst part...


americanising desi said...

i still am clueless about the definition!

An ILLuS|On said...

no its not easy to move on..yes its not impossible but why one should move on when you can sort things out? we can leave past behind & we can look towards a better future..its not impossible to live a good life..its difficult but its not impossible..its all in you..if you don't want to then it won't but if you do then nothing's impossible.
I miss the person I was..

cavaliere84 said...

It is not easy, not at all. And it's never possible to erase the memories just like that, somehow they keep getting back at you. However, as time passes, things will lose their significance --- and I'm referring to the things that ve been lost. You may never be absolutely happy, but then there's also a chance that you will be. Can we avoid moving on? We can not. So, we move & we dream & we build hopes ! Live in the moment.

¤Ü•B¤ said...

i know its not impossible to move on !!

per ITS HARD !! yaar.... its way to hard which makes it close to impossible !!

Kadri said...

Accepting things for what they are is a great challenge at times, but, it's also very rewarding. =) I love to change because I've realized that the core of me is the same no matter what and the changes are things that make me stronger.

Komal said...

This is life!
I hate it. It's complex. It's difficult and it's ridiculous but can we help? NO.

We gotta learn to go with the flow. :S