Friday, November 20, 2009

Tagged by Siras

Once you've been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits or goals about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged. If I tagged you, its because I want to know more about you.

I was tagged by siras :)

this is a tough one God twenty-five facts lets see if i can come up with em!

1.I need to multitask all the time to keep my mind at rest.I text,chat,watch movie,read,listen to songs,eat all at the same time.

2.I hate people who smell bad.

3.The first thing I notice about anyone is their shoes and feet.

4.I try to avoid eye contact while making conversations they make me uncomfortable.

5.I play with my hair while I am studying.

6.I hate summers and rains. Sometimes i like rain but depends on my mood.

7.I have got an eccentric choice of music from old indian songs to trance. I can like anything and nothing at the same time.

8.I love to talk to myself and for few moments I do before going to bed and go through the whole day in my head.

9.I don't like to spend apart from on shoes and books it gives me guilt pangs otherwise.

10.Coldplay-trouble and Snow Patrol-run have been my most most favourite songs.

11.Grey's anatomy is not a show it is life for me.

12.I like to be around people and listen to them,people-watching is my favorite pass-time.

13.I aint a sporty person.

14.My most favorite book is "million little pieces"

15.The movie I like the most is "The pianist"

16.More than anything I love getting handmade gifts and love giving em too.

17.I am scared of almost all kinds of rides rollercoasters etc are not my thing.

18.I don't really like icecreams.

19.I wish to learn few more languages in my life.

20.Paintings are good but I like to work in black and white. These two colors hold more meaning to me than any other color.

21.If I get a chance I would like to make a pyschiatric organisation for women,children and adolescents in my region.

22.I like the person I am with others but I wish I treated myself better.

23.I don't like to sleep it seems wastage of time to me.

24.I can choose to be very strong or extremely sensitive I change.

25.Lastly, I hate to talk about myself..this was hard tag:S

I also tag everyone who is there in my blogroll.


freelancer said...

which girl doesn't like ice-cream???

Aina said...

nice to know :)

lizzie said...

@ freelancer
lol this girl doesn't like it :P

siras said...

This was an awesome insight into you. :)

~*~ Jal Pari ~*~ said...

Oh I simply loved reading more about you :).

silent soul said...

dats da hardest thng whch u hv dne rite it's gud 2 knw u..