Monday, June 14, 2010


You know when you keep running and running spinning in circles. Its been too long for me now, more like this is what I have actually become. In the long run I have given up a lot and side by side learned hell of new things. I have learned how it feels to have your heart filled with so much peace that it is hard for you to believe whether you are living a dream or a reality. But then reality hits you telling like a chronic illness that I am still here you can take a break to have a breath but I am still here. I close my eyes lay down and try to stop all the thoughts and live in the moment I guess if you keep on doing this you become a pro at it..Is it the right way to live your life? I used to be realistic but then that did make me sad a lot more often..Is it going to hit really hard when I wake up? How do you give up so easily when you could have it? Is the right always wrong or the wrong seems right? Heart has its on alibis and its own words which no one can understand.I have screwed many things which I might not ever be able to fix but were they meant to be fixed? Was it worth it? I might have let things pass unheard I might have things which needed my emotion to put into it but still the question remains. Maybe that's how we humans are made,full of questions. Always short on answers. anyways.


Aina said...

good to see you posting again
do it more often

Ubaid said...

I woke up... and I gave up!!!

lizzie said...

Giving up doesnt work either

-T said...

Carpie Diem is the way to go. Live in the moment, cuz reality is too bitter. You can call it weakness and not facing the facts of life, but I ask, is it weakness to hold and and savor the moments that fill you with contentedness and joy? Why ruin these precious and more often than not, fleeting moments with the thoughts of reality. Especially when you know life's poison will kick you off ur feet.
But words to the wise: The longer you savor and propogate these beautiful moments, the readier you should be for a meaner and vilified blow by the ever harsher stings of life and reality.
The decision then is on how much you are willing to suffer afterwards, cuz you can't espcape that fate.

And the by gones of the past may seem questionable to you but they have assuredly taught you some valuable lesson in life. It is our failure to look over what we have learnt from those things.